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Set in a prime location of the city of Split just a few meters away from Golden Gate and Grgur Ninski statue, you can expect high standard.
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Relax at The Spa, enjoy at beach or swim in one of hotel swimming pools. Resort in Split is also an ideal location for events and weddings.
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Charming hotel with comfortable rooms situated on the pebble beach Žnjan, at about 40-minute walking distance from the Split city center.
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The blend between a hospitable service and extraordinary environment will provide you unforgettable moments spent at Hotel President Split.
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Small luxury boutique hotel in the heart of Diocletian's palace is a mix of antique and modern where every stone has a story to tell.
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Spacious and luxury suites, 24-hour room service, superior hotel facilities, exceptional service and outdoor activities are waiting for you.
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Built into the ruins of the Diocletian Palace in Old Town Split, Hotel Peristil and staff will make your visit a truly memorable experience.
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Boutique Hotel Agava is a beautifully restored Renaissance-era noble house located just five minutes from Split’s waterfront Riva promenade.
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Within steps of the Split's historic centre, you can now enjoy old world charm and state of the art luxury at the boutique Hotel Luxe.
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Discover Split in Hotel Marul style! Our polite and friendly educated Team Marul is always here to help you with any kind of request.
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